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Buugaagtii uu qoray C/casiis "Xildhiban"

Buugaagtii uu qoray
C/casiis Cali Ibrahim "Xildhiban"

Last update:  Wednesday - 30 Sep 2009

Abdulaziz Ali Ibrahim "Xildhiban"
Somali Peace activist & Author, Xildhiban living in UK is one of the promising Somali writers of the future. So far the author has published 7 excellent books. The Author will share his elaborate his publications.

Waxay kuu dhigeen ma kugu dhaqeen? Dastuuradii_Axdiyadii & Xeerarkii loo dhigay Jamhuuriyadda Soomaaliya.

Somali Constitutions from 1960 - 2006

The book highlights about the Somali Constitutions from 1960 - 2006. It takes as well all the amendments that have been made over the decades. The book is published in London 2005 and has a laminated 4-color cover. Author Abdulaziz Ali Ibrahim "Xildhiban. It contains 464 pages. ISBN: 0-9549555-0-1

Taxanaha Taariikhda SOOMAALIYA

Taxanaha Taariikhda Soomaaliya

This book gives a full details of data collection about the highest ranked Somali Civil servants from 1956-2006. The book documents the data in a chronological way like (Who was who in Somalia for the past a half century).

For instance, it contains a full data of every Somali government members from 1956 - 2006. It also contains the names of the ministers and the all other governmental portfolios, all the diplomatic missions, military officials in the Somali National army. The book is written by a young Somali writer
Abdulaziz Ali Ibrahim "Xildhiban".

It contains 352 pages. Published in London 2006
ISBN: 0-9549555-3-6

MAAHMAAHYO Murti & Madadaallo

Maahmaayo Murti & Madadaallo

The book is about Somali proverbs, wisdom and riddles. It contains a lot 4-colour pictures about the Somali wildlife and currencies for the past fifty years. Published in 2007 Author Abdulaziz Ali Ibrahim "Xildhiban".

It contains 128 pages.

ISBN: 978-0-954555-1-9

Sooyaalkii suugaanta

Sooyaalkii Suugaanta
Cabdulle Raage Taraawiil

In the 1960s Abdulle Raage was one of the artists working as an actor and poet with the Waaberi group and become famous through his broadcasts on Radio Mogadishu. As an actor he is remembered in particular for having played the part of Shabeel in Hassan Sheikh Muumin's play Shabeel naagood.

I have heard people say he had an imposing presence and strong eyes and yet he was very much able to make laugh and am pleased this book of his work is being published by Xildhiban Publications.

Dr. Martin Orwin
University of London "SOAS"

It contains a lot 4-colour cover. Author Abdulaziz Ali Ibrahim "Xildhiban. It contains 224 pages.

Published in London 2008 ISBN: 978-91-85945-5101

Xulka maansooyinka

Xulka maansooyinka Soomaaliyeed

This book contains over 65 selected poems from over 50 different best known Somali poets of different times from 18th century until today.

Many of the leading Somali poets for the last two centauries are included in this collection.

It contains 256 pages. Published March 2008

ISBN: 978-0-9549555-4-0

Horseedayaashii Halaagga SOOMAALIYA

The architects of the destruction of Somalia

Those who forget the lessons of history are condemned to repeat it! History is preserved to warn against repeating its negatives and to cherish its positive memories. This book, “The Architects of the Destruction of Somalia” contains all the major developments that had happened in the country during the past 30 years, from the time the armed factions, who later on destroyed the country emerged in 1978, until 2008.

The book details the false promises made by 99 clan based Somali factions which differed so much that they only shared the solitary letter "S for Somalia" in their abbreviated names. They have always promised to lead Somalia into prosperity and justice only to fall short. The book outlines the goals of the factions as stated on their respective charters drafted when they were founded. It will also detail the abuses and killings that have happened in the country in the past 30 years. The dumping of toxic waste in the Somalia waters and the negative impacts this had on the population.

The book publishes pictures of some of the scholars, officials, politicians and clergymen who were killed during the civil war, as well as photos of some of the foreign individuals who lost their lives in Somalia after the overthrow of the late Mohammed Siad Barre. Finally, the book publishes images of the 99 faction leaders which rose to lead clan-based factions as a result of the civil war in the past 30 years.

Author Abdulaziz Ali Ibrahim "Xildhiban"

It contains 320 pages. Published 2010

ISBN: 978-0-9549555-2-6

The people who didn’t have feeling for their country

This book, “The people who didn’t have feeling for their country” publishes all the agreements reached by the Somali sides and groups since the civil war started. Those agreements include:-

Djibouti agreement on 5th June; and 15-21 July 199.
 Mogadishu agreement on 3rd March 1991; and Mogadishu agreement on 11th December 1991.  Addis Ababa agreement on 8th January and March 39th 1993dii. Nairobi agreement on 15th October 1995. Mogadishu agreement in June 1995. Sana’a agreement, Yemen May 1997. Sodere, Ethiopia in January and July 1997. Cairo, Egypt on 21st December 1997.  Jeddah agreement in 1998. Sirte, Libya in March 2000. Arte, Djibouti in August 2000. Eldoret and Mbaghathi from 2002 – 2004.      Khartoum, Sudan in 2004 and 2006.  Aden, Yemen on 22nd May. Mogadishu in July-August 2007. Djibouti in June and August 2008.  
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia on 31st August 2008. Djibouti on September 21st, 2008. Djibouti in October and November 2008 and other important documents.

Abdulaziz Ali Ibrahim "Xildhiban"

It contains 352 pages. Coming soon. ISBN: 978-0-9549555-6-4

Isha Qoraalkan
C/casiis cali Ibrahim "Xildhiban"

Ogeysiis: Qoraaladan Taariikhda ah waxaa ka mamnuuc ah in aad daabacdo ama aad ku soo bandhigto wargeys, haddii aad u baahato fadlan la xiriir bahda uu cinwaankeedu yahay www.xildhibanpublications.com ama qoraha caanka ah ee C/casiis Cali Ibraahim Xildhiban)

Xildhibanpublications. London


Waxay kuu dhigeen ma kugu dhaqeen


Taxanaha Taariikhda SOOMAALIYA

Taxanaha Taariikhda Soomaaliya


MAAHMAAHYO Murti & Madadaallo

Maahmaahyo Murti
& Madadaallo


More Books ....

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Horseedayaashii Halaagga SOOMAALIYA

Horseedayaashii Halaagga SOOMAALIYA

Coming soon

Dal aan dalkiisa Damqasho Laheyn

Dalaan dalkiisa Damqasho Laheyn

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